about us

Who are we :

In 2004, Omur Surenkok founded the company Surenkok Moscow Development Office in order to strengthen Turkish-Russian business relationships. We help companies to find a product, supplier, service, equipment, raw materials in Russian Federation and in Republic of Turkey. We organize business trips: selection of companies that meet customer requirements, B2B meetings online and offline format.

H3: Omur Surenkok, Director of Turkey, Find a product in Turkey, Find a supplier, forums and exhibitions in Turkey, schedule of events in Turkey.


what we do

Search for a companies, products, services
At the request of the Customer, we will select companies, production, goods, raw materials. We organize negotiations with the СЕО in online and offline format. We will help you sign a contract for the supply of products. We will conduct an audit of the goods, raw materials from the first deliveries.
Company registration
We help you to register the company on the territory of the Republic of Turkey, we will offer a choice of accredited accountants who will conduct an audit and prepare an invoice in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Turkey.
Organization of business travel
We will meet you on arrival, check in to a 5* hotel in Turkey, make a schedule of meetings and visits to production sites. We will support you in negotiations and will always defend the interests of our Customer.
We are conducting a contract analysis. We will make edits if the rights of our Customer are infringed, observing the legislation of the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation.
Market entry analysis
We will analyze the market, draw up a checklist, consult, and negotiate.
Organization of exhibitions and events
We are partners of the largest E-Commerce platform Worldef. Together, we organize forums, conferences for those who are in search of a product, partners, new markets.

how we develop your business

Distributor/ Partner

Accompanying you at every stage of the transaction, we will help you sign a contract with companies proven on the market, which are direct producers of goods, raw materials.


We are supporting for the development of partnerships and stay in touch even after a successful transaction.


Even if the contract was sign, we stay in contact and ready answer on you questions. We will help you to audit the goods from the first deliveries and contact the supplier for troubleshooting.


Russian Trade Legislation
Russia E-Commerce
Russian Tax System
Russia Customs Legislation
Personal Rights Legislation


119019, Starovagankovskiy Lane 19 Bld 7 Office 32, Moscow, Russia

119019 , Староваганьковский Переулок Д:19 стр:7 офис 32, Москва, Россия

Phone. +7 (495) 796-04-96      E-Mail. info@surenkok.com