The mission of BDO (SURENKOK Business Development Office) is to expand business opportunities through strategic solutions in the field of B2B. We strive to be a reliable partner by providing expert advice and innovative strategies that contribute to the growth, efficiency and long-term success of our clients.

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19 underwear brand manufacturers presented their products in Moscow on February 20, 2024
The East Black Sea Association and the Construction Materials Sector headed by the President of the Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry

We have organized more than 3,000 b2b meetings in industries such as underwear manufacturing, textiles, auto chemicals, mining of building materials, etc. All events are organized with the support of the Turkish Ministry, as well as federal structures of local authorities.
What our customers say about SBDO:

"As the founder of the company, I want to emphasize the exceptional importance of B2B meetings to create and develop strong business relationships, especially when it comes to developing ties between Turkey and Russia. In today's globalized market, cooperation between companies from different countries is a prerequisite for growth and success. B2B meetings provide a unique opportunity for companies to come together, exchange ideas, explore partnership opportunities and establish connections that can lead to mutually beneficial enterprises. In the case of Turkey and Russia, these two countries have a rich history of trade and cultural exchange, which makes the potential for cooperation even more exciting. Such meetings allow us to bridge cultural and geographical gaps, which makes it possible to understand each other's markets, needs and strengths. By strengthening ties between Turkish and Russian companies, we can explore new markets, share experiences and create innovative solutions that benefit both countries. B2B meetings provide an opportunity to keep abreast of industry trends and changes in legislation."
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